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Second Sight Fans

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Community for posting fan discussion and creations related to the overlooked British crime TV series Second Sight, which stars Clive Owen as DCI Ross Tanner, a detective slowly losing his vision to a rare eye disease.

All fanfic, fan media and discussion welcome. Please cut-tag fanfic and provide ratings, try to keep discussion broadly on-topic, and all is good. Community moderated by lasergirl and roseveare and a generous dose of apathy.

As this is a new community for a (at present) small fandom, please contribute any ideas for what you might like to see here to the community suggestion box.
catherine tully, claire skinner, clive owen, crime, crime drama, detectives, di boyd, ds pewsey, fanfic, fanfiction, fic, het, meta, mystery, paula milne, ross tanner, second sight, slash, special murder unit, television